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SEGRITY = Services with Integrity

segrity hydro controls automationSEGRITY was founded with a vision of providing control systems and hydro governor solutions that the industry needs, not what suppliers think they should have. We believe in services with integrity.

SEGRITY is a worldwide engineering consulting firm, providing services to the hydroelectric industry. We specialize in woodward governors, hydro governors, unit and plant controls, digital control algorithms, control systems installation and commissioning.

We create modular products and services that empower you to execute the project in-house. Our goal is to ensure that you understand the “why” of each solution helping you become self-sufficient.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Products and Services we offer. While you’re at it, review What We Do and Testimonials sections so you can see why our clients have chosen us to evaluate their existing systems and develop modern alternative solutions.

Visit our Engineering office located in the Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. building at 2650 E. 40th Ave. Denver, CO 80205 or call 303-293-5939 to learn more about us.

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