Segrity Reviews - woodward governor specialists

“I have personally worked with the staff at SEGRITY on several projects over the past few years. 

James Volk is a well-respected engineer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with James for a long time. His technical abilities and attention to detail on projects is excellent. He always develops complete and detailed solutions to meet our needs, and delivers those solutions with the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness to the end customer. Each project James has worked on has been completed on time and within budget, making SEGRITY a valuable partner. I greatly value the team at SEGRITY and the positive impression they’ve made with our clients.”

— Jim Kapral, Manager, Aftermarket Engineering Services

“The quality of SEGRITY’s work is outstanding, thorough, and very cost effective.  SEGRITY has a great attitude and is professional . . . they provide great products and support at a fair, competitive price.  SEGRITY’s knowledge of our power generation process, equipment, and logic makes them a valuable member of our team.”   

—Sandy Rainey, NCPA Hydro

“Snohomish County Public Utility District contracted with SEGRITY to modernize the Jackson Hydro Project’s plant PLC computer.  The scope of work included hardware replacement and software enhancements.  James did an excellent job of planning, implementing, and testing each aspect of the modernization project.”

                —Sam Nietfeld, Snohomish County Public Utility District

“Hydro Tasmania approached SEGRITY during the development of an in-house custom mechanical retrofit solution for several original HPP governor units.

SEGRITY helped us review the overall concept and completed the detailed design of the modified distributing valve bush and plunger.  SEGRITY also facilitated the manufacture and delivery of these specially machined components successfully achieving a tight delivery schedule.

SEGRITY was able to provide a unique combination of specialized technical knowledge and skills to ensure a successful outcome to our governor retrofit projects.

James, Veronica and Troy have been very supportive of our requirements and we will continue to work with SEGRITY to support our governor retrofit program.”

— Robert Dillon, Hydro Tasmania

“I have known James Volk for 8 years which predates the founding of SEGRITY. I have always known James to be extremely diligent, thoughtful and professional; he has solved and continues to solve very difficult projects for SEAPA.

We operate an isolated, islanded electrical system. James’ background in Governor Control allows him to provide solutions that benefit and complement our unique control situation.  His background in Hydro Operations and Control Systems augments his role as a systems integration provider.

Along with having James at the head of engineering at SEGRITY, we appreciate his team’s project management skills, and his ability to work in the powerhouse environment where different trade skills and work cultures must be integrated into a productive work team.  We appreciate that SEGRITY takes control of every step of the project including: specification, procurement, delivery, installation and commissioning.

We will continue to work with SEGRITY into the future because of their persistence working through problems that were outside of the scope of work and their willingness to integrate efforts with different contractors.  And in addition – SEGRITY is always on time and on budget!”

—Eric Wolfe, South East Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA)

“I am very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of SEGRITY’s work.  I have the highest regard for SEGRITY’s engineering competence and business ethics.  I have known James Volk for many years and have always been impressed with his competence and personal integrity.”

    —Al d’Heurle, d’Heurle Systems Incorporated