Veronica N Ferro picture

Veronica N. Ferro, PMP


Veronica strongly believes in the power of teamwork and communication. She loves being an entrepreneur, creating loyal relationships with clients and getting things done!

She joined SEGRITY in 2014 to lead the development and implementation of high-level strategies focusing on company growth.

Veronica manages SEGRITY’s business and day to day operations.  Her goal is to make SEGRITY the Hydroelectric Power industry leader by consistently delivering valuable projects, products, services and programs with the highest levels of excellence, solving clients’ business problems and demonstrating tangible results.

Veronica’s outstanding business, leadership, and conflict management skills, coupled with her passion for excellence, have been consistently demonstrated for over 20 years, while working for Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett Packard, NCR, and AT&T.  She has a track record of creating efficiencies, improving alignment with organizational strategies, increasing revenues, client satisfaction and generating competitive advantages.

Veronica creates loyal client relationships within all accounts – from end-user clientele to executive teams – through natural rapport, communication skills and a sincere commitment to understanding and satisfying client needs.

She has ample experience leading projects with engineers, project, program and product managers, sales teams and executives in complex, multidisciplinary environments and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Veronica holds a BS degree in Computer Science, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Certifications.  She also has extensive knowledge of Six Sigma Processes, Finance and Business Operations.

James E. Volk, P.E., PMP

VP of Engineering

James strongly believes in a practical approach to control systems design and automation solutions. He is passionate about finding the right technologies to perfectly fit his clients’ needs.

James Volk manages the engineering staff and works as a consultant and professional engineer. With over 22 years of experience in the control of hydro turbines and hydro related systems, his specialties are governors, unit controls, plant controls, digital control algorithms, control systems installation and commissioning.

During his career at Woodward Governor Company and General Electric, he engineered, installed and commissioned hydro turbine governors and other control systems in over 22 countries.

James has a dual BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics with an emphasis in Power Systems and Digital Control Systems.

He also holds Professional Engineering licenses for the states of Colorado and Alaska as well as Project Management (PMP) and Six Sigma certifications.

James participates actively with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), developing and maintaining standards related to control systems and is also the North American Expert for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for hydro turbine governors and hydro related control systems.

Areas of expertise include:

    • Hydro engineering consulting services
    • Hydro plant control systems and governor retrofits
    • Hydro turbine governors including governor digital control algorithms, hydraulics and electronics
    • New unit installation and commissioning
    • Hydro plant excitation and protection systems
    • Legacy Woodward Governors – Overhaul and Maintenance Services
    • Hydro Turbine Governors (Modicon, AllenBradley, GE PLC and Woodward Hardware)
    • Woodward Mechanical Products (Distributing Valves, PMG, SSG, XX Pumps, 20 Series Pumps)
    • Woodward Mechanical Governors (Mechanical Cabinet, Gateshaft, UG Actuator)
    • Woodward Analog Governors (MOD I and MOD II Analog Electric Actuators)
    • Woodward Digital Governors (501, 517, Netcon, Micronet, Atlas, 505H, 723H, 723I, 700H)
    • Impulse Turbine Control (Needle Sequencing, Deflector, Ramp Loading, Frequency Control, Water Wasting)
    • Francis Turbine Control
    • Kaplan Turbine Control (3D Cam Blade Control)
    • Hydro Turbine Governor Modeling and Stability Analysis
    • Hydro Control Systems Training

Chuck Bay

​Senior Control Systems Engineer

Chuck has 20 years of experience designing, installing, and commissioning turbine control systems in hydro, steam, and gas turbines (to his role of Senior Control Systems Engineer).  He began his career focusing primarily on gas and steam turbine control systems and spent the last three years learning the nuances of hydro turbine control systems.

Chuck continually applies his broad experience in digital control systems to hydro related systems.  He developed hydro turbine control systems that are currently installed at Snoqualmie Falls, Metlaktla Island, and the Tesla facility in Colorado Springs.

Richard Halderson

Senior Governor Specialist

Richard is an experienced field, governor service and installation specialist with a focus on quality and client relationships.

Richard has over 40 years of experience with governor support for Woodward gate shaft, mechanical cabinet, MOD I/II analog governors and Woodward digital governors.  He possesses extensive experience in governor installation, commissioning and troubleshooting.

Jacob McClean picture

Jacob McClean

Control Systems Engineer

Jacob has a BS in Mechanical Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines University.   He is responsible for control systems design, PLC programming, hydraulics, and electrical circuits.


Troy Bottomfield, P.E., PMP

Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer

With a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Troy brings over 30 years of experience in gas turbine, steam turbine and hydro acquired by working for General Electric, Woodward Governor Company and Siemens.

He designs hydraulic spool valves, mechanical parts, and precision hydraulic systems and components to support hydro turbine support systems.

He is responsible for mechanical design, inspections, retrofits, installation and commissioning. He possesses extensive experience in 3D designs and tolerance stack-up analysis.