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We provide Woodward services, training and genuine OEM Woodward parts to help keep your existing Woodward mechanical, analog, and digital governors working the way they were intended to work.

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Our goal is to make the process simple and effective for you. We do not sell you our governor. By listening to your needs and providing “your” next generation governor, you ensure that your investment in digital control hardware maximizes ROI.

SEGRITY assists you with integrating modern technology into your existing or future governor.

We take the time to understand your needs and provide solutions that you can easily support and maintain.

Our team of experts understand the complexities of maintaining your PLC based digital governor systems.  They have worked with hydro turbine suppliers and developed digital control hardware.

PLC’s are very reliable; yet, like all electronics, there is a limit to the number of years they will function and the length of time the manufacturers support the products.   Due to cyber security concerns, the days of “installing and forgetting” your digital controls are a thing of the past.

PLC hardware and software have a 10 to 15-year life cycle. We understand manufacturers’ hardware life cycles and develop support plans based on your operating requirements.

With a holistic view of all your requirements, we provide the following products and services for your PLC based governors:

  • “Drop in replacement” hardware upgrade for any existing PLC based or early digital controller
  • Hardware upgrades to existing PLC hardware including Modicon Quantum, Modicon Premium, Allen Bradley SLC 500, Allen Bradley ControlLogix, GE 9030, GE RX3i and others.
    • The hardware upgrades may include utilizing the existing application or providing a modern “unlocked” application that you can support.
  • Add modern functionality to the existing system
    • This ensures that you can maximize the investment you made and evolve your system to meet modern control requirements.
  • Design custom and standard PLC hardware based panels to retrofit existing mechanical, analog, and other PLC based governors
  • Design custom control algorithms to solve modern problems in addition to proven governor algorithms such as H6B, feedforward, isochronous loadsharing, transient and enhanced PID control
  • Design interface components to replace existing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) equipment with modern off the shelf equipment or a custom design
  • Design advanced algorithm based solutions for level control, governor control, cooling water control, and other hydro specific applications
  • Training and support for the maintenance of your existing governors and control systems

We understand digital hydro turbine governor control requirements and the nuances of implementing governor control algorithms in off the shelf PLC hardware.  We are committed to providing new and retrofit governor systems that meet the modern control requirements for hydro turbines.

Our specialized hydro products include hydraulic manifolds, electrical interface modules, distributing valve rebuild kits, custom engineered mechanical products, and custom control algorithms built to meet your requirements.

Off the shelf solutions are not always available or do not provide the best solution for hydro turbine governor applications. Because hydro governors have unique requirements for fail safe operation and large hydraulic flow requirements, off the shelf solutions often require complicated hydraulics and electrical customization.

At SEGRITY, we strive to provide easy to use products that you can understand and support without an extensive learning curve.

We combine years of mechanical product design experience and modern techniques such as CFD, 3D modeling, physics models, and modern control algorithm development to provide custom solutions for your environment.

SEGRITY designs, manufactures and tests control system panels that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Today, control technology is evolving almost as quickly as digital electronics. At SEGRITY, we leverage modern control technology to solve your old and new challenges.

We provide complete control systems solutions and help optimize your entire plant, not just the governor control.

Current PLC and other digital control hardware have significant capability that can be leveraged to provide a “smarter” control.  Modern control technology can be applied to solve problems that were previously resolved with “expert tuning” and other tweak and tune techniques.  These techniques, while effective in the short term, do not provide long term solutions, resulting in additional “tuning” when operating conditions change.  Modern control technology combines the understanding of the system and the problem to adapt to changes in the controlled process.

Our hydro specific applications include advanced algorithm based solutions for level control, governor control and cooling water control.

SEGRITY evaluates your existing HMI and SCADA system(s), suggests improvements to the current life cycle or assists with replacement systems developed on the latest hardware and software technologies.

At SEGRITY, we leverage modern HMI and SCADA design techniques to provide “high performance” systems, addressing the needs of operations teams, maintenance personnel, engineers and plant managers.  Our systems provide quick access to the right information, helping you make the right decision at the right time.

SEGRITY helps you obtain supplier independent clarity of your needs by creating technical specifications for the procurement of replacement hydroelectric equipment.

We understand the current worldwide shortage of qualified personnel in the hydropower generation industry and understand the challenges you face when transitioning to modern technology.

SEGRITY provides customized training on all aspects of hydro-related control systems and specializes in governor training. We provide general training or site specific classes that fulfill the needs of experienced personnel and new hires, ensuring your team has the comprehensive knowledge to be more successful.

We specialize in hydro; however, we also have experience with systems from process control, to steam and gas turbine control.  We are hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems experts. We bring all this to our training, ensuring your team members immediately realize the value of the information.

SEGRITY provides a Certified Project Manager (PMP) as a single point of contact for your project. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that we are tracking and executing the project, start to finish. We understand the importance of completing projects on time and on budget. We work with you to manage the entire project.

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