SEGRITY can help you support your Woodward mechanical, digital and non-Woodward Hydro Governors as follows

1. To support your Woodward Legacy Mechanical Governors, we can provide you with:

  • Genuine Woodward Hydro OEM parts for your legacy mechanical governor systems and auxiliaries
  • Maintenance, overhauls, troubleshooting, and service agreements with an emphasis on training your personnel
  • Onsite inspections and condition assessments – we can help you develop a maintenance plan that works for you


2. To support your Woodward Legacy Digital Governors, we can provide:

  • On-site overhaul, maintenance, troubleshooting, and training on your existing Woodward Digital Governor
  • Woodward GAP™ Software updates to resolve outstanding issues or to add new functionality
  • Rebuild or refurbishment “kits” to restore your Woodward vertical or horizontal distributing valve to modern standards
  • Genuine OEM Woodward Hydro Parts for all Woodward auxiliary equipment used on pressure tanks, distributing valves, PMG’s, SSG’s, and hydraulic pressure units
  • Digital Hardware Upgrades / Replacements either based on proprietary Woodward hardware or off the shelf PLC hardware
    • Woodward Netcon upgrades either to Woodward’s Micronet / Flex500 hardware or off the shelf PLC hardware
    • Micronet IO module and CPU upgrades which maximize your original investments
    • Atlas PC and Atlas II upgrades to Woodward Flex500 hardware or off the shelf PLC Hardware
    • Woodward (GE) 505H support, training, and digital upgrade options
    • Woodward 517, 501, support and digital upgrade options
    • Woodward driver amplifier upgrades
  • We specialize in helping you standardize on hardware platforms and software across your entire fleet


Here is the list of Woodward Governor Equipment that our team supported in hydroelectric power plants around the world:

  • Gateshaft Governors and GS Actuators
  • Mechanical Cabinet Actuators and A Actuators
  • MOD I and MOD II analog electric governors
  • 20 Series pumps, XX Herringbone Gear Pumps, Rotary Gear and Screw Type Hydraulic Pumps and Pumping Systems
  • Permanent Magnet Generators, Speed Switches, Generator Brake Valves, and other Governor related Auxiliary Equipment
  • Woodward Governor vertical and horizontal distributing valves


3. To support your non-Woodward Mechanical and Analog Governors, we can provide:

  • Onsite training and condition assessments
  • Reverse engineering of obsolete mechanical parts to provide modern replacements for existing mechanical parts
  • Refurbishment kits or replacements for non-Woodward distributing valves


4. To support your other existing Digital Governor Systems, we can provide:

  • Support services for PLC based governor systems provided by vendors like American Governor, L&S Electric, Alstom, North American Hydro, Voith, Andritz, and others.
  • Retrofit packages to resolve existing problems or to simplify your mechanical retrofit.
  • SEGRITY mechanical and hydraulic solutions which are vendor agnostic.
    We have experience integrating our mechanical / hydraulic products with all digital governor systems.
  • Digital hardware and software upgrades, functionality upgrades to simplify and extend the life of your existing PLC or proprietary hardware-based governors.

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